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Read I'm looking for information about Bonneville Windows. Has anyone used them, or can they provide a recommendation on them as a cost efficient alternati...rich1892 [07-11-2000]

Read I am looking for Eyelets for a "Lew's Hawger" extendable Cane Pole. I was wondering if anyone has any information on where I could obtain these. There...maddjikk [07-21-2000]

Read There was a goof or mistake made when making the movie Blue Hawaii..with Elvis Presley. Can you tell me what it was?Thanks ...Mericier [07-29-2000]

Read How do you turn off the content advisor on Internet Explorer? I've tried, but keep getting a message that there is missing information. ...ghamlin [07-29-2000]

Read My son is starting college and is learning computer graphics.He needs a notebook I can afford and powerful enough to create and display graphics and p...skhawkins99 [07-29-2000]

Read I am having problems with Tomb Raider 4. When I get to the end of one of the levels (Guardian of Semerkhet), the cutscene for the next level (Desert r...zygoma [07-30-2000]

Read I have heard about a natural dog food called Life's Abundance. I saw it on Animal Planet and it is supposed to be different from any other dog food on...EdSkor [07-30-2000]

Read recently robin quivers (as part of her morning newscast) reported of a study that said most gay people are left handed..did anyone hear that report?.....Andy63 [07-30-2000]

Read Hi, My fan in my P/S sounds realy noisy. I am building a 486 computer, and i know your not supposed to service your p/s, but is there anythingg i can ...Slappy [07-31-2000]

Read I need to know, preferably with links to reviews, exactly which of the two following processors are better, overall and in individual respects:AMD Ath...wallabang [08-02-2000]

Read My question is about sound. My speakers work for chat and MSN logging in and out of my computer but does not work for Winamp or CD's. It did before bu...jsc316 [08-02-2000]

Read Hi - my question is about someone hacking into your system and deleting programs. My friend is having this problem and has asked if I would look for a...jsc316 [08-04-2000]

Read Names of the Jewish labor leaders in the United States during the 1900'sThanks. ...cybersen77 [08-04-2000]

Read Hi.I just read your response to my question, and I think you kind of misunderstood me. I already know about .com, .net, and .org, but now you can regi...zooky [08-05-2000]

Read I am curious to know, where can I find the source for the login program for any Linux distribution? I'm curious to see how it is done, and have become...lrasmussen [08-05-2000]

Read How do you share files over a Linux network? I have to Linux boxes (RH6.1) and am curious to know how they can share files. Although I hate to make th...lrasmussen [08-05-2000]

Read I am wondering about assembly programming. I have read a book about it, but am still looking for more. One main question I have is, is there any way t...lrasmussen [08-05-2000]

Read What is the biggest RAM memory a computer can have? ...ebusta2 [08-06-2000]

Read Dear Experts:I am looking for ways to promote my start-up company and its Free Stock Program without engagin in spamming. Please contact me with any r...deve [08-08-2000]

Read Hello,I am trying to find out how to access the status of the keyboard lock that is present in many pc's. I am writing a Linux application and I need ...jeffhill [08-09-2000]

Read Hello - Looking for some direction.Can you recommend the best (in your opinion) notebook computer currently on the market that gives me the biggest ba...redhedx [08-09-2000]

Read I need a list of the 'whois' servers for non-US domains. For instance, to lookup I need to query whois.nic.deNot all countries follow that ...Dayton.Jones [08-09-2000]

Read typically, what is the total power consumption in Watts of a PC system (500 mhz Pentium III, HP 810 Printer, 15 inch monitor, speakers)? What is the w...xtian001 [08-10-2000]

Read I am renting a house to which there is no written rental aggrement. The landlord all of a sudden wants me to move. I was wondering what type of an evi...lluckyinlove_98947 [08-10-2000]

Read I was wondering where I could find a website that had piano books. Solos,and things that are fun to play. Thanks. Syd13 ...Syd13 [08-10-2000]

Read Does anyone know a website that could tell me how to build a house. Thanks. Syd13 ...Syd13 [08-10-2000]

Read Hi,Any one can probably help me with this. I have some code, that gathers a number from a user, it is an array(1 to 6), and depending on the number in...Slappy [08-11-2000]

Read Can someone tell me how many virgin births of other Gods there have been? I know of a few, but like to know if there are any more. It seems thatChrist...John.Brienesse [08-11-2000]

Read what is the average size of a penis for 15 years old ? ...cliff.bregman [08-12-2000]

Read i have a moden that is 56k, but when i go to thenet ,the speed is never fast than 40k,can you tellme the reason. ...davidkong [08-12-2000]

Read I want to upgrade my browser from Netscape 4.03 to 4.74. Please work me through the downloading process, step by step. ...GbeminiyiAdedeji [08-12-2000]

Read Hi i am relativley new to computers but i want to become competent in using windows 98 and it's smaller programs so i can use the computer quickly and...chris.carson [08-12-2000]

Read I have a gateway 400 computer with Windows 98. Last week I scanned something (on HP Scanjet 4100C) & sent thru Microsoft Fax. I then called Gateway to...sandy7251 [08-12-2000]

Read I want to give my soon-t-be 80 y.o. sister a birthday gift of a gadget to send and receive email so she can keep in touch. She is a widow who lives on...kaul1 [08-12-2000]

Read I am trying to telnet and ftp between two WINNT 4 machines on a home network. I have the NetBeui and TCP/IP protocols installed and can connect the la...tleffler [08-12-2000]

Read Hi, I am doing a report for a web based music database and am currently doing a report on the artist Britney Spears. My question is what the peak posi...msvbdude [08-13-2000]

Read I am confused to join either Java course or C++. Please guide me. ...mrk123 [08-14-2000]

Read I have a Pentium II system running Windows 98seI frequently add software to this system and sometime I get crashes... Is there a way to back up the sy...Dennis90036 [08-14-2000]

Read My Compaq home computer will not network with my Toshiba laptop. The Compaq has Windows 98 and the laptop has Windows 95. Is this the problem? I tried...jkukowsk [08-14-2000]

Read I'll be traveling throughout India for a month in January. Can you please describe the forms of public transporation that will be available to me, and...laptop30 [08-15-2000]

Read Hi. As usual I seem to have fallen into a rut. I registered my site and began posting my html files. I later found out (after paying the registration ...Segrada [08-15-2000]

Read Here's one for the versatile expert.What are the current remedies for a case of poison oak, ivy or sumac? And how effective are they?TIA ...shebear [08-16-2000]

Read Hi saintly,I'm running Netscape Communicator 4.7 (on my Mac Powerbook G3 w/ OS9, in case it matters). I am going on vacation in a few days and would l...douglasevans [08-16-2000]

Read Greetings Saintly ~I am a web designer that is just starting out, and I now have my first client requiring a secure site. It is not (and may never be)...perfectsites [08-16-2000]

Read saintly-I want to hook my new iMac G3 to my old HPDeskwriter 540. Problem is the software in on floppy and iMacs are floppy-driveless. My old Quadra 6...SBlake [08-16-2000]

Read Dear Saintly,I've been thinking about converting my paper files into some sort of digital or electronic format. I have a scanner. I read an article or...rclacy [08-16-2000]

Read I once tried using Call-Wave for picking up my calls while I was using Internet. I did not get the results so I deleted. Now a lot of times I will los...silverside1 [08-16-2000]

Read I would like to know:- the commands used in UNIX and MSDOS to perform the following tasks:a) change from one directory to anotherb) Telnet to a remote...creepy_17 [08-16-2000]

Read Hey how do you make explosives out of home made devices? ...bushjunky [08-17-2000]

Read I like computers a lot too, but there has been one question that has been annoying me since day one. We are about to upgrade to DSL and my parents say...cloaknight [08-17-2000]

Read I have a Gateway PC (P5-120) running Windows 95. On the boot I receive a message as follows:Font Driver Manager Error-Can't Load Font Packagec:\window...lsprague [08-17-2000]

Read At what positions on the Billboard Hot 100 did the Britney Spears songs "...Baby One More Time", "(You Drive Me) Crazy", "From The Bottom Of My Broken...msvbdude [08-17-2000]

Read We are a group of 25 people. Not well off but trying to work togeather. We are trying to get basic understanding of:What should be the hardware and in...eomha [08-17-2000]

Read From my question, you will tell that I am so totally computer illiterate. I have used computers for work purposes for many years but I only know how t...dbackt [08-17-2000]

Read I am a Mystery/Suspense writer that would appreciate a bit of technical advice regarding how a hacker/cracker could conceivably use a lap top computer...Cmystery [08-18-2000]

Read can i make it possable for "my documents" on my desktop to be password protected? i have windows 98 ...dobroman3 [08-18-2000]

Read the system I'm working on is a Compaq. I formated the hard drive and am trying to get a dos prompt to re-install windows 98. I keep getting an I/O err...NativeNewYorker7 [08-18-2000]

Read Hello,I am planning to connect a PC (Cyrix 166+) and a laptop (Celeron 500) both have 10/100 based Ethernet cards. I just want to make it clear so tha...Gombunan [08-19-2000]

Read I have a simple question about the "cookies" on my personal home PC (with windows 98). How do I change the "identification" (registered name) of my co...R.Arnold [08-19-2000]

Read Have been playing around with tables in webdevelopment and am getting problems with tables within tables when producing pages for Netscape. Within Exp...acornelis [08-19-2000]

Read I downloaded the newest version of Internet Explorer yesterday but now when I go to access my email I get the message "Outlook Express could not be st...Bill.Murphy [08-19-2000]

Read I am using Windows 98, and I have had hard disc space problems. I may have deleted something that caused my computer to use only 16 color displays. My...stevei1 [08-20-2000]

Read Hi. I use IE5.1 to browse the internet, and over the past 6 months I've amassed an unwieldy collection of bookmarks. Is there any way to sort these in...xylpic [08-20-2000]

Read What is my POP server? Bonzi Buddy keeps asking for this to send e-mail ...ray1953 [08-20-2000]

Read My son and I recently saw an airplane flying overhead. I could not identify it. Went to the web to search but was frustrated be my inability to find a...gpressel [08-21-2000]

Read My offices are about 200 miles apart. They both connect to internet thru ISDN and both have Centrix networks using Novell. Internet speed at main offi...cchucktaylor [08-22-2000]

Read HiI have a question about connecting a printer to two computers.Is it possible to share a printer between two computers ?The one that is already conne...mcardi [08-22-2000]

Read I'm collecting the US states quarters and I was wondering where I could find a website that could tell me about them. Thanks ...Syd13 [08-22-2000]

Read I have a problem with FileMaker Pro 5. I am trying to create fields in drop down list style. I want to have a drop down list of the first field to be ...anavat [08-22-2000]

Read I would like to know more about ATM, i.e., Asynchronous Transfer Mode. ? ...u99143 [08-23-2000]

Read Hi i recently bought a micro solutions backpack cd-rw.And have experienced problems reading the cd's i have just written.they have trouble playing on ...thetruth [08-24-2000]

Read hi, this one is a simple one. I have a stand alone computer at home. I would like to use the fax utility, do I need exchange installed in the computer...kathy_123 [08-24-2000]

Read Hi Thanks in advance for your help. It's much appreciated.When we switched to a DSL internet connection a few months ago, we were promised the moon an...terryh [08-24-2000]

Read Dear Expert,I am a Christian who has a belief that I don't find much support for in members of my own religion. I have always beleived that Jewish peo...catmarek [08-25-2000]

Read Can you let me know what is IP Billing Technology ...alanang [08-25-2000]

Read Hi,This is rich out here.I'm a 8th grade student and enjoy working on my machine.I am quite good at programming.At the moment i'm working with c++ and...richard_a16 [08-25-2000]

ReadI am a software guy, and only know enough about networking to get a simple IP network up and running which I have done. I have a ethe... boosey

Read I have a small peer to peer network (Win95) with an ip address range of We have recently up graded our client server network (NT4) ip ...shaun.veldman [08-25-2000]

Read Hi there,Wow...I am very impressed by your experience on computers. I am hoping you might be able to help me out a little.I have a rev b iMac and am u...Nicki.Thomas [08-26-2000]

Read how do i change my password,so that son does not access to getting on-line without my knowledge?He has been getting on sites that i do not like and i ...Deel544 [08-26-2000]

Read What type of cable do I use to connect my laptop to my desktop computer. Is it a null modem which would connect my serial ports? What command do I use...mpine [08-27-2000]

Read Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the windows password box each time I boot my system? I installed new drivers for my modem & now each time...PaulWhear [08-27-2000]

Read I have a ghost icon of quicktime in my control panel. I can't delete it, Windows won't let me move it... so how do I remove it!? ...bricks [08-27-2000]

Read Hi, I've installed Slackware 7.1 and added a user. When I use that account, I can't save files or save config files (ie from mozilla or gnomeicu), eve...dismembered [08-28-2000]

Read Hi there,I have tables which were created with FileMaker Pro 3.0 but they have the extension .usrI need to open them to add the information to a datab...culdaff [08-29-2000]

Read (Attachment) I'm fed up with AOL in general, and connecting speeds in particular. My phone co. gives my wires a clean bill of health (of course they w...ewye [08-29-2000]

Read I have a PC with WIN95 thats a couple of years old and started getting squirrly on me. So I decided to reinstall WIN95 to try to clean the system up. ...lapolla [08-30-2000]

Read Hi, I read (well, skimmed) what you wrote to catmarek on "G-d" and I find you to be probably the most experienced person here. I just have a simple li...Drego5 [08-30-2000]

Read What is the difference between an efficiency apartment and a studio apartment? ...abbybarba [08-31-2000]

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