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From : Syd13
To : saintly
User Comment : Thanks a lot. I love piano so I wanted to know about some places like that. Thanks. Have a good weekend. Syd13
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[08-10-2000] Syd13 : I was wondering where I could find a website that had piano books. Solos,and things that are fun to play. Thanks.

[08-10-2000] saintly :
If you want sheet music to buy, a really good site is:
You can order online, and it's set up really well. You might want to browse their best sellers. You can get sheet music for most artists and classical music as well.

Some titles from their collection:
'100 best-loved piano solos'
'20 all-time favorite piano solos'

But... if you don't want to pay for sheet music, this site has links to tons of free sheet music, as well as lots of other killer stuff for & about pianos:

There's a link to there too.

Hope that helps
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