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From : Deel544
To : saintly
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[08-26-2000] Deel544 : how do i change my password,so that son does not access to getting on-line without my knowledge?He has been getting on sites that i do not like and i want to stop him from getting on-line unless i do it for him,but i am not sure how to change my password,please help....G.S.D.
[08-26-2000] saintly :
What Internet company do you use to get on the Internet? I'll try to find this out for you.

I'm glad to see parents involved with their children's Internet surfing experience. We have too many parents who want a quick solution (like blocking software) that only temporarily bandages the problem.
[08-27-2000] Deel544 : Hello-thanks for getting back to me so soon.I was surprised.Our internet provider is coastalnet.My son is 15 and i know he is going to look at things at his age,but it is getting out of hand and sometimes i can't always be here to see what he is getting into on the internet.I'm just not sure how to change my password so that i have to let him on,then i will know what sites he is going to.Thank you so much for replying to my question,let me know if you can help me out.Thanks again.G.S.D.
[08-28-2000] saintly :
Sure. Just click on this:

Then pick your flavor of Coastalnet, login with your current login name and password, and it should have an option to let you change your password after that.

Hope that helps...
[08-28-2000] Deel544 : THANKS!!!!!!I got my password changed and i added that page to my favorites and now i can go there again.Thank you for your help.I really do appreciate your time and quick response to my problem.I'm glad there are people like out there to help people like me when we're having problems,it was so easy,once i knew where to go.Again- Thank you for your time and effort.
[08-28-2000] saintly :
Glad to help! If you have more questions, please feel free to come back and ask. In the meantime, please close this one so that the answer goes to the answer library.
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