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From : skhawkins99
To : saintly
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[07-29-2000] skhawkins99 : My son is starting college and is learning computer graphics.He needs a notebook I can afford and powerful enough to create and display graphics and pc games.My question is,what type of display is best for these uses;TFT or will HPA? Dollars are important but if it won't do the job why buy?
[07-29-2000] saintly : There are three types of laptop screens, you mentioned TFT (Active Matrix) and HPA (High performance addressing). There are also older STN (dual scan) screens. Of the three, Active Matrix has the fastest refresh rate and the brightest screen usually. It also adds around $300 or so to the price of the laptop vs. the HPA screen. It should be the best screen of the three available for playing games and running graphics applications.

This is not to say it's *great*. Either HPA or TFT should be fine for graphics applications despite HPA being a little dimmer. Games are another matter, games tend to rapidly change the screen and really demand a faster refresh than you can get from any of the available laptop screens. They are still playable, but it's much more difficult than a CRT or some of the newer flat screen monitors.

With a laptop, you are purchasing portability and miniaturization. Desktops may be better for playing games (and editing graphics too), but you can't take them to class to take notes. You have to make some sacrifices either way.

Hope that helps
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