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From : maddjikk
To : saintly
User Comment : Thanks for your help, I believe you have covered my question much better than I antisipated (bad spelling on my part). You surely did some very impressive research, I thank you very much.
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[07-21-2000] maddjikk : I am looking for Eyelets for a "Lew's Hawger" extendable Cane Pole. I was wondering if anyone has any information on where I could obtain these. There is a service policy on the handle saying to Return to Lew Childre & Sanders with a partial address. Can anyone help me find a set of eyelets for this pole?
[08-30-2000] saintly :
Still Interested in the answer? I've done some research into your question. The brand name "Lew's" refers to rods designed by Lew Childres. It was bought out by the Brunswick Outdoor Recreation Group (BORG! No kidding!) sometime on or before 1995.

The "Lew's" brand is sold by a company called Zebco, which sells several other brands as well. Zebco does not directly sell parts for Lew's fishing gear, but has service centers in each state that perform repairs and have parts. They have three service centers in California; none with web sites or email addresses, and 1 without even a phone number. After calling, I found a service center for a sporting goods store in Sacramento CA that claims to have the parts you need for the Lew's brand specifically. Their number is: (916) 362-1200. They will sell eyelets through mail order as well, you do not have to bring your hawger in for servicing.

If you don't want the service center in California, contact Zebco for the location of the service center nearest you:

Zebco/American Camper
6101 E. Apache
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115
Phone: (800) 588-9030, (918) 836-5581
Fax: (918) 836-0154
Web pages (all broken when I checked!):
Zebco Customer Service:

Unfortunately, the only way to get the location of the nearest service center is to call Zebco, since that information is not on their web site. I am also informed that if you want to replace the guides, you will also have to re-wrap them. There is a web page that supposedly helps you to do this, however (having no knowledge of fishing) I can't evaluate it for usefulness:

I found an online site that specializes in repairs and restoration of bamboo rods, the Cane Clinic:

You can send them the rod for repair, or browse their site. They sell books for collectors of Cane rods, and have a number of articles and online references to help you as well.

Other web pages:
Lew's: (only the main page works)
Brunswick Outdoor Group:

Archive of Bamboo/Cane rods and fishing techniques:

Hope that helps!
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