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From : Segrada
To : saintly
User Comment : Fabulous! Thank you SO much, that about answered all the questions I've had over the past two weeks that no one else was able to help with. I'd send you some money if this site would start producing some so I'm sorry for that. Sarah and Sean PS, We have been considering starting a freelance consulting branch off of Ganica if this thing gets up and running, would you be intrested in an occasional contract? Thanks again!
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[08-15-2000] Segrada : Hi. As usual I seem to have fallen into a rut. I registered my site and began posting my html files. I later found out (after paying the registration fee) that the company I used decided to only host for free, seems to have locked in my domain name, and now forces an annoying banner onto my site everytime someone loads it. I wouldn't care if it was something trivial about my cat or whatever, but I'm trying to make a living with this business. There is nothing in the agreement contract I made with them that would prohibit such activity, would you happen to know enough about java.script regarding killing a popup or if possible, preventing it? If not, would you happen to have any inexpensive suggestions? Thank you for your time and understanding, Sarah and Sean
PS the name of the site is
[08-15-2000] saintly :
Your site looks excellent! You've done a good job creating it, and you are understandably worried about your site being used to promote other people's advertising.

In addition to registering domain names, DirectNIC (a company) also offers free hosting for the same domains as an additional service. However, like all other free web page sites (like geocities, angelfire, tripod), they support this through advertising on the pages they host. So long as you continue to use them, it may not be possible (and wouldn't be a good idea) to disable the pop-up ads. Doing so would be a violation of the terms-of-service for using the site. You can modify your pages to support different types of advertising, but I doubt that is what you want either. You are not, however, locked into using them as your hosting site. You can move elswhere and still retain your domain name and continue to use DirectNIC for domain registration and renewal.

If you don't want other people's ads displaying on your site, you must usually pay to host your web pages on another ISP. Most local ISPs will gladly host your pages, and often include an account along with the hosting (this would reduce your AOL fees if you use AOL). You can often expect to pay $20-$50 a month for web hosting service (more if your site generates huge amounts of traffic). I've checked into some ISPs:

Dana Point Communications:
in Dana Point, CA.
Mostly handles very large sites, $200 setup fee, $150/month

in Laguna Niguel, CA.
Fees start at ??, 949-348-2957

SpeedGate Communications:
in Laguna Hills, CA.
Base fees start at $50 setup/$50 month

WebWave Resources:
in Laguna Beach, CA.
Base fees start at ?? setup/$50 month

Visual Perspectives Internet:
in Laguna Hills, CA.
Base fees start at $50 setup/$18-20 month

A directory of other ISPs in the 949 area code:

The yellow pages would also be a good place to look for Internet Service Providers. Tell the provider you choose that you want to host web pages there, that you've already registered your domain and have a site, you just need to transfer it. Tell your provider that your domain is . Your provider will need to give you their Primary and Secondary DNS controllers. These will be two sets of numbers in the form xx.xx.xx.xx . Once you have those, go to your account page on DirectNIC. Click on the modify domains option. Then click on the domain that you wish to modify and you will see a form that shows your current DNS information. Just type the information in there. Once you have updated your information there, it may take a day or so to take effect, but after that your pages will be hosted with your new ISP, and should no longer have banner ads popping up.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have further questions.
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