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From : rich1892
To : saintly
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[07-11-2000] rich1892 : I'm looking for information about Bonneville Windows. Has anyone used them, or can they provide a recommendation on them as a cost efficient alternative to Marvin windows? My wife and I are putting an addition onto an 1895 farm house, and Bonneville has been recommended by the contractor.

[08-15-2000] saintly :
This question was posted so long ago, that I don't know if you're still interested in the answer. I contacted a company called 'Windows & Doors, Inc.' which sells both Marvin and Bonneville windows. Here is their answer:

"You really need to look at both products to appreciate them. Both are wood products, available with exteriors that are aluminum, primed wood or natural pine. The interiors are available in primed or bare pine. Bonneville has
cedar available through their entire product line. Both are very good quality products, the Bonneville is typically priced a little lower than the Marvin but Marvin has some qualities that cost more such extruded aluminum on their sash verses roll formed. I would encourage you to look at both products to see which is best for your application."

Which is to say, I would probably follow your contractor's recommendation since they are both of equal quality. I contacted and got a reply from a Mr. Phil McCutcheon: if you would prefer to contact this site directly.

Bonneville's home page:

Marvin's home page:

Some information about each company:

Marvin Windows and Doors* ($300-500 million in sales/yr)

Headquarters: Warroad, MN
Product Lines: Wood and composite windows and patio doors
General Information: Known for its made-to-order manufacturing process, the company has a 40-acre manufacturing site at its main window operation in Warroad, MN, where it has more than 3,000 employees. The firm also operates a cutstock plant in Baker, OR. In 1981, it opened a door manufacturing facility in Ripley, TN, which
now covers 570,000 square feet and employs more than 650 people. In 1995, Marvin opened its Integrity fiberglass/wood composite window operation in Fargo, ND. Last year it opened a new 256,000-square-foot plant in Grafton, ND. The manufacturer has a network of wholesale distribution branches and approximately 3,000 retail dealers in the U.S. It also sells products in Canada, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and
the Middle East.

Groupe Bocenor, Inc. ($100-200 million in sales)

Headquarters: Ste-Marie-de-Beauce, PQ
Product Lines: Aluminum, wood, and vinyl windows and doors. Steel entry doors
Employees: 1,000
General Information: The Quebec-based company has expanded rapidly in the past year, acquiring two other window manufacturers in 1999, Solarco 2000, and Montmagny Windows, as well as an Multiver, an insulating glass fabricator, all based
in Quebec. With the addition of these operations, it now operates three wood factories, two vinyl factories (including one U.S. plant in Colebrook, NH), an aluminum window plant, an entrance door facility, three glass operations, and one
distribution center. Products are marketed under the Bonneville, Polar, Solarco, Silica, and Multiver names Reporting that it is one of the largest residential window manufacturers in Canada, its goal is to cover the entire North American market within five years.

Does this help? I can try to find more information if you like, or have questions about features.
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