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From : Nicki.Thomas
To : saintly
User Comment : Very helpful. Provided alot of good tips and information. After reading the answers, I was able to complete the tasks I had been having difficulties with and understand the software program much better.
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[08-26-2000] Nicki.Thomas : Hi there,

Wow...I am very impressed by your experience on computers. I am hoping you might be able to help me out a little.

I have a rev b iMac and am using FileMaker Pro 4.1
I noticed most of your experience seems to be on PC's but I would think that this program would be similar on both platforms.

Anyway, I would like to know if there is anyway to make a database graphically more interesting. i.e. I would like to drag some tabs and buttons that I found on a Mac related site into my database set up and maybe a cool background and make it easier to enter, sort and find records by making these buttons functional.

My main question is, how do I drag these buttons into file maker pro and make them functional within the program ?

If you have any questions about exactly what I mean, please let me know and I will try to clarify my question a little better for you.

Thanks a million in advance,
[08-26-2000] saintly :
Sure... there is an option under 'File' that says 'Import'. If you pick it, it allows you to Import a picture. I believe you can import .GIFs, .JPGs and a few other formats.

Save the pictures you found on the site to disk (you can shift-click on them and choose to 'save picture' in Netscape, or there may be another way to save them). Then load up Filemaker and import them all. You need to be in Layout mode to do it.

You can resize or move them after they are imported by clicking and dragging the square corners.

To put things behind other things (like a background picture), you can click on it so it becomes selected then choose the options under the 'Arrange' menu:

Bring to Front (puts it on top of all other pictures), bring Forward (brings it on top of the thing it is under at the moment), Send to Back (puts it under all the other things - good for background pics), or Send Backward (puts it under whatever is there).

You can also make simple shapes; circles, ovals, squares, rounded rectangles or whatever using the other tools in the layout menu. There are three tools in a row on the left toolbar, one makes rectangles, the middle one makes round rectangles and the other makes ovals. The options by the paint bucket below it can decide whether it is filled in (and how to fill it in; with a solid color or a pattern), the options by the pencil let you control how thick the border of the shape is.

Once you have selected a shape or a graphic you have pasted in, you can go to 'Format' menu, select 'Button' and decide what you want to happen when someone clicks on your shape or image. It can be many things, or you can run a script as well.

Does that help?
[08-28-2000] Nicki.Thomas : Hi there,

Yes, it helps alot ! Thankyou. I was playing around with FileMaker Pro this weekend and did not realize what a powerful program it was until I tried some of the options. I can even set up radio buttons for some of my options.

Anyway, thank you very much for all your help. I really appreciate it. I will close the answer now and rate it. Thank you for your time.
[08-28-2000] saintly :
Glad to help
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