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From : xylpic
To : saintly
User Comment : Thanks. It's not quite what I was looking for - I'm used to organising the favorites, but thought that I might be overlooking an automated sort procedure. Still, if one doesn't exist, then thats what I needed to know. Thanks once again.
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[08-20-2000] xylpic : Hi. I use IE5.1 to browse the internet, and over the past 6 months I've amassed an unwieldy collection of bookmarks. Is there any way to sort these into alphabetical order?

Many thanks for any help you could give.
[08-22-2000] saintly :
Better even than alphabetical order...

Go to the Favorites menu and pick 'Organize Favorites'. From here you can move any bookmarks around to new positions.

You can also create "Folders". You can put other bookmarks in a folder and move the folders around, or put folders in folders. Folders let you organize groups of your data by subject.

Perhaps one folder could be "family-oriented sites". Then you could drag lots of other bookmarks to that folder. This takes up only one line in your favorites pull-down selection, but if you move to the line, the folder opens up to let you see what was in it.

Does this help? I may not be very clear on explaining this... I can try to clarify parts of it if you like.
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