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From : shaun.veldman
To : saintly
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[08-25-2000] shaun.veldman : I have a small peer to peer network (Win95) with an ip address range of We have recently up graded our client server network (NT4) ip addresses to a range. My problem is that when the peer to peer win95 client dials into our network for email and shared drives it loses sight of the peer to peer network. (The subnet mask is changed to on the RAS dial up, and doesn't seem to be able to be set to which would fix the problem). Is this subnet mask on the RAS dialup an inherant feature, And is my only solution to rename the peer to peer network 11.222. blah blah or upgrade to W2K.

Any comments welcome

[08-26-2000] saintly :
Hmm... 10.x.x.x is a Class-A network address. That means that it's "correct" subnet mask is . You *could* change all your computers to use as the subnet mask which could correct the problem.

Otherwise, RAS normally sends the subnet mask of the server, UNLESS it is running DHCP. If you assign a fixed IP address to the RAS port, then you should pass along the netmask of the server.

If you run DHCP, then Microsoft automagically guesses the correct/derived IP netmask. In your case it guesses wrong. :)

Talks about it, and

is the same question, although with an unhelpful answer.

Or, rather than change everyone's subnet mask, just set up the NT server as a WINS server and tell all the other clients to use it for WINS service. That should also enable the dialup clients to browse network neighborhood listings...

If those solutions don't work, write back and I'll see what else I can turn up.
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