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From : dismembered
To : saintly
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[08-28-2000] dismembered : Hi, I've installed Slackware 7.1 and added a user. When I use that account, I can't save files or save config files (ie from mozilla or gnomeicu), even in my home directory and other directories that I have permission in (I've tried making temp directories with chmod 777 on them). Root doesn't have that u know why this is happening?
[08-28-2000] saintly :
It *does* sound like a permission problem offhand. If one of the directories is not chown'd to the user and does not have the Execute flag set, no program can descend below it.

As root, go to the directory just above the user's directory. Run
chmod 0755 -R ./directory
chown -R ./directory

and see if that helps? Verify that each directory along the path from / to the home directory also has the Xecute bit set. Any one directory set to 0700 can prevent the rest from logging in.

If you've already tried that, reply back and I'll see what else I can come up with...
[08-29-2000] dismembered : The user's home directory is /home/user
so /home should belong to the user?

Sorry, I forgot to mention (I forgot about it because I logged onto expertcentral from windows..) but when , as user, I try saving a file or copying stuff into user's home directory, it gives me an error message: "No space left on device" but when I su to root and run the exact command, it works

Now that I think about it, could it be some weird default quota settings? But it never said anything like the quota has maxed out....
[08-29-2000] saintly :
Where is the /home folder? It should be a symbolic link to /usr/home. If it's just /home on the root partition, then your root partition may be filling up.

Do a 'df' to see what drives are full, then do a 'ls -l / | grep home' to see what home is aliased to. If 'home' is aliased to '/usr/home', then look at permissions on /usr/home, not /home (which would just be the permissions on the symlink)
[08-31-2000] dismembered : df says the root partition is 100% used but the blocks says I still have about 10mb left...deleting stuff allowed users to save...

I nuked a few window managers that I don't use and it somehow messed up startx :) oh well I'll just change runlevels...

Thanx for your advice
[08-31-2000] saintly :
Sure. Most people alias the /home to /usr/home because the root partition is usually small. You can try

mv /home /usr; ln -s /usr/home /home

as root to set that. Glad to help.
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