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From : cybersen77
To : saintly
User Comment : Thanks for your help. I searched all the search engines without success. You created a base for the correct answers.
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[08-04-2000] cybersen77 : Names of the Jewish labor leaders in the United States during the 1900's
[08-05-2000] saintly : In the event that you or others may also want to do research on these names, (like, say for a research paper), I've also included links to more information about these prominent Jewish leaders of the Labor Movement of the early 1900s...

Samuel Gompers
AFL (American Federation of Labor) President from 1886-1924

Baruch Charney Vladeck
First president of the Jewish Labor Committee, which brought together several different jewish labor organizations, including the ILGWU. Started out in the Jewish Labor Bund, or General Jewish Workers' Union of Lithuania, Poland, and Russia.

Those two were arguably the most influential on the labor movement, but there were other big names as well:

Eduard Bernstein
Strong proponent of socialism and supporter of labor unions in England.

David Dubinsky
President of International Ladies' Garment Workers Union

Oscar Straus
Secretary of Labor and Commerce, the first Jew to hold a Cabinet post

Joseph Baskin and Benjamin Gebiner
Workmen's Circle

Abraham Cahan
Long-time editor of the Jewish Daily Forward, leader of the Socialist party and advocate for the unionization of garment workers

Other first-generation leaders of the socialist/anarchist movements (most involved with labor as well):
Winchevsky, Krantz, Benjamin Feigenbaum, Saul Yanovsky, and the founders of the Band, Vladimir Kosvosky, a.k.a. Nokhem Levinson, Yekusiel Portnoy, a.k.a. "Noyakh," and Vladimir Medem.

Other sites with information on the Jewish Labor movement:

Many thanks to expert TexasT for helping me out on this one! She tracked down tons of this information!

Let me know if you need more info on these, or more names.

Hope that helps...
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