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From : davidkong
To : saintly
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[08-12-2000] davidkong : i have a moden that is 56k, but when i go to the
net ,the speed is never fast than 40k,can you tell
me the reason.
[08-12-2000] saintly :
That is, unfortunately normal.

Just about the only way to actually get 56k is to be very close to the place you are connecting to, have a very clear phone line, and the place you are calling to be using the same modem type you have.

There is nothing you can do or adjust on your computer to improve the speed. You *might* be able to get a special clear line from the phone company that may improve your speed. 40k is actually very good though. You probably won't get much better even if you get a special line.

There are two inexpensive technologies you might already know about to get a faster connection:

DSL (or ADSL, SDSL or xDSL) is a special connection from your phone company that uses the phone lines to give you fast (384k - 1.54MB) speeds to the internet. It is always connected to the Internet and you don't have to dial up.

Cable modems are connections from your Cable-TV provider. You share a high-speed line (1.5MB usually) with everyone else in your neighborhood. You may get high speeds if other people are not also using it at the time.

ISDN is an older type of connection from your phone company, usually in 56k or 128k speeds. It usually gives you the whole 56k or 128k though. It charges by how much you use it, instead of a flat fee per month for DSL or Cable Modems.

Does that help? Please reply if you have more questions.
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