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From : redhedx
To : saintly
User Comment : Quick to the point, and had the info I was looking for. Thank you very much
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[08-09-2000] redhedx : Hello - Looking for some direction.
Can you recommend the best (in your opinion) notebook computer currently on the market that gives me the biggest bang for my buck. I only buy notebooks from brand name companies such as, Dell, IBM, etc. The only stipulation I require is the notebook comes with a next day replacement or repair warranty good worldwide.

Thank you for your time and effort.

[08-09-2000] saintly : Hmm. While the subject may be open to some debate, my pick would be the Dell Latitude series of notebooks. They're extremely durable, versatile and well-suited for networking. They come standard with a 3-year next-day replacement warranty which I believe is good worldwide.

Other brands that offer good warranties are IBM and Sony. IBMs thinkpads are IMHO way too overpriced and don't offer what other brands do. The one thing they *are* good at is durability. They're almost indestructible. Sony's VAIO series also offers a warranty, but the only thing their notebooks have going for them is an extremely small and lightweight form factor. Gateways offer lots of features and cheap notebooks, but you aren't going to get as great a warranty out of them either.

Link to Latitude sales:

Dell also offers the Inspiron series. It has a similar warranty (1-year, upgradeable to 3), but you have to be a lot more careful with them. Their screens are prone to damage and fading and they don't like being hauled around.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if there are particular features you need or are looking for.
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