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From : NativeNewYorker7
To : saintly
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[08-18-2000] NativeNewYorker7 : the system I'm working on is a Compaq. I formated the hard drive and am trying to get a dos prompt to re-install windows 98. I keep getting an I/O error. I've been in the bios and set it to ignore all errors, I've made sure that the system is booting a;cd-rom;c, I made the proper start-up disk by right mouse clicking on the A: drive and copying the system files to it. I'm stumped. Can you help me? Please...I don't want my son working on my computer. He deleted the registry file on his and lord knows what he'll do to mine. Thank you sooooo, much.
[08-18-2000] saintly :
You cannot boot off of your floppy disk? Instead of trying to right-click/copy the files onto the floppy, put the floppy in any other working computer, go to the MS-DOS prompt window and type:

format /s a:
Which copies the system files to the newly formatted disk (works more reliably than doing it from Win98). It is also possible that the floppy is bad or defective if you haven't used it in a while.

If you have made the system disk that way, and it still doesn't work, please reply and I'll come up with more solutions.
[08-18-2000] NativeNewYorker7 : I tried that with several disks. The error reads I/O Error Replace disk. I'm stumped.
[08-18-2000] saintly :
Hmm... is there any disk-drive activity right before it complains of the I/O error? It might have strange rules for the boot sequence. Also remove the Win98 CD if it's in the drive. If there is no activity light, can you boot off the 3.5 disk if you disconnect the hard drive and CDROM (ie. the only drive is the floppy)? What model Compaq? Have you successfully used the floppy drive before you reformatted? Do your boot disks work in other machines?
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