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From : lrasmussen
To : saintly
User Comment : Thanks again so much saintly!! I spent about 3 hours looking, to no avail (probably because I didn't no any better and was looking for the program 'login'). You are an excellent expert!!
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[08-05-2000] lrasmussen : I am curious to know, where can I find the source for the login program for any Linux distribution? I'm curious to see how it is done, and have become lost in the slew of source files that come with Linux. If anyone can save me the search, and let me know what the file is called and where I can find it, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
[08-06-2000] saintly : The program that actually verifies your login and pass is called 'getty'. If you use some sort of graphical login screen (it has the Redhat logo on a blue background rather than just a black-and-white screen with the text 'login: ' on it) you are probably using a program called xdm (or one of it's clones; kdm for KDE, gdm for GNOME). They all pass the login name and password off to getty.

Getty is located in /sbin, and if you installed the source RPM for system daemons, it should be in something like /usr/src/sbin/getty/ (varies depending on the flavor of UNIX)

Hope that helps.
[08-06-2000] saintly : Oh, the source for mgetty (a drop-in replacement for getty) is available online at:

But it will not be the same as what you are using now. The source for xdm, kdm or gdm are available with that individual distribution. You'd have to browse around your hard drive for them since where they install the sources to (if they install the sources at all!) is highly variable.
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