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From : alanang
To : saintly
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[08-25-2000] alanang : Can you let me know what is IP Billing Technology
[08-26-2000] saintly :
It boils down to a way to charge you based on how much you use the Internet. Most ISPs now just charge you a flat fee to use the Internet, but that is way too simple for some people, and doesn't give enough money to especially greedy people.

Some ISPs want to sell metered internet access and charge you for things like; how much data you transferred across the network, how much CPU time you used on the server and provide you with itemized billing based on where you went while you were online.

Nobody ever does this to save *you* money though- this is a change that they want to make so they can make your bill more vague and unfriendly. They want to give you something more like a phone bill. In fact... oddly enough... it is the major telco companies that are behind the push to IP billing. Flat-rate billing doesn't give them enough money or an excuse to surprise you with a huge bill. The telco companies are getting poor and have to beg for change in the gutters, so they really need this to bring in enough money to feed their starving families. :)

There aren't very many clear pages that explain this, but here's one that summarizes the benefits (to telco companies) and features:

Hope that helps!
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