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From : zooky
To : saintly
User Comment : Thanks for all your advice. :)
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[08-05-2000] zooky : Hi.

I just read your response to my question, and I think you kind of misunderstood me. I already know about .com, .net, and .org, but now you can register two letter country code domains for example .tv, and .cc . I was wondering if there are other 2-letter country code domains that I can register, and where can I register them.

Thank you.
[08-05-2000] saintly : Oh! As far as the new so-called "global" country codes (or Generic Top-Level Domains/gTLDs), there are more than 500 new ones. Three of the most popular are .tv, .cc and .ws , but there are many others. Most are longer than two letters, like .airlines, .family and .x .

Just about everyone charges $50/year, with a 2-year minimum the first time. Here are some places where you can register any of those:
(allows registration in almost all the new top-level domains)


The real 2-letter country code domains (like .ca/canada, .nz/new zealand, .uk/UK and the almost totally unused .us/USA domain) are each administered by a site within the country. There is one 2-letter country code for just about every country. Prices vary by country.

Some places to register in country codes:

.ca/canada is in transition at the moment. For now, register with them through:
In a few months, this job will be taken over by

Hope that helps. If there is a particular country of interest, let me know and I'll hunt down their registration site.
[08-05-2000] saintly : Oh.. the
site lists all the new gTLDs as well as letting you register domains in them. Forgot to mention that I think.
[08-05-2000] zooky : Thanks for the link.

I was wondering whether it is really worth registering a gtld, because my only purpose is to sell it.
[08-06-2000] saintly :
While I'm personally against that practice, there is no technical reason why you can't do that. It is entirely possible to buy domains for the express purpose of selling them for a profit. To do that, you only have to be faster at buying the domain than someone who wants it more.

I would expect in most cases that you are just going to end up sitting on the domain for a long time before you get an offer. Your best bet is to target domains that you know people will eventually want, like american.airlines,, etc.. As to which domains are not yet taken that would be good picks to buy for this sort of thing... I have absolutely no idea.
Even in the now-crammed-full .com/.net/.org for every person that bought a domain for $100 and sold it in two days for $100,000, there are thousands of people who bought domains nobody wanted that ended up sitting on them and paying the renewal fees each year. Despite all the hype you see on TV about how much money you can make doing this, it requires just as much luck as foresight. The people who let you register domains this way are some of the few people making serious money off the new gTLDs; they have a reason to encourage you to think that you can get rich quick through this method.
[08-06-2000] zooky : Greetings.

Thank you for the advice. I went to the website, and I found that literally none of the domains were registered (for example, I could get ). However, I found a site that lets you buy the country code domain ".mu" . After doing a little research I found I could get as a domain. I was wondering if I should spend the money to buy that domain (75$) and if you think it would be worth anything in the future.
[08-06-2000] saintly : Perhaps, but I'd expect that you may sit on it for several years before someone offers to buy it. The other gTLDs are fairly new, so I'm not surprised that they're still available. For resale value, I'd register long before I got .
[08-06-2000] saintly : BTW, I'd expect that besides generic domains like "actor" or "music", particular brand names like "sony","aiwa","panasonic", etc.. would be worth more in the long run provided you can get them in the right domain.
[08-06-2000] zooky : I know that brand names could be worth more, but they are trademarked! I could get sued big-time if I bought one.
[08-06-2000] saintly : Hmm... I might post that under 'Law' or ask an intellectual property attorney. As a layperson, I know that you can't use someone else's trademark and pretend or represent that they endorse your site or product, but I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to buy and not put anything there, or post some "I love Sony" fake fan page with "Not affiliated with Sony in any way" disclaimers... :) Although I doubt that would protect you from a lawsuit - you might have to fight to keep it, like .

Good luck!
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