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From : mpine
To : saintly
User Comment : It was a very well thought out and detailed response.
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[08-27-2000] mpine : What type of cable do I use to connect my laptop to my desktop computer. Is it a null modem which would connect my serial ports? What command do I use in Windows to get it to work once I get the cable?

Thanks for you help.
[08-27-2000] saintly :
While you *can* use a null modem cable, it is recommended that you use a Parallel (ECP) cable instead. You can also use UCM (Universale Cable Module) and pre-1992 Interlink/Laplink cables.

Go to Start->settings->control panel, add/remove programs and Windows Setup. In win95, enable (check) 'Direct Cable Connection' under 'Communications'. In Win98 it is under Accessories/Communications. If you have Dial-Up networking already installed and working you probably don't need much else.

Direct Cable Connection is under Start->programs->accessories, or you can run the program C:\WINDOWS\DIRECTCC.EXE . After it runs on both computers you can access shared files normally through Network Neighborhood and map drives if you like.

Full directions and step-by-step setup from the beginning to the end, including how to share files and set up dial-up networking are at:

If you want a pictorial guide. You can also use the commercial program LapLink, which requires a special Laplink parallel/serial cable. It is NOT a null modem.

Does that help? Let me know if you have any more questions.
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