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From : PaulWhear
To : saintly
User Comment : I had already received another solution that worked but Saintly's probably would have also. I sent thank you message to Saintly. Thanks Paul
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[08-27-2000] PaulWhear : Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the windows password box each time I boot my system? I installed new drivers for my modem & now each time I boot my system windows asks for a password before it will finish booting. I have never had a windows password but if I click on "cancel" windows will finish loading ok. That's not so bad if you stay at the computer while it is loading but you can't turn on the computer & come back to a sytem ready to go. I've tried windows "help" & it even tells me to do things that aren't even available when I try to follow their instructions. Help will be appreciated.
[08-28-2000] saintly :
If the screen says "Network Logon" or something like that, download one of these tools:

TweakUI for Win95:

TweakUI for Win98:

Once you download and install it, it makes a control panel called 'Tweak UI'. There you tell it to logon automatically and give it a login name and password.

If the password screen just says 'Windows password' you can go to Start->Settings->Control Panel. Pick the Passwords control panel. Say 'Change Windows Password'. Just hit Enter for the two passwords.

If these solutions don't work, reply back and tell me what type of windows you have (win98? Windows 2000?)

If you need help installing one, let me know.
[08-30-2000] PaulWhear : Thank you Saintly;
I had already received another solution that was a little simpler & it worked ok. Screen didn't say network log on. Thanks again.
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