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From : Syd13
To : saintly
User Comment : Thanks a lot. I'll see you on line. Syd13
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[08-22-2000] Syd13 : I'm collecting the US states quarters and I was wondering where I could find a website that could tell me about them. Thanks
[08-23-2000] saintly :
The '50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act (Public Law 105-124) was signed into law on December 1, 1997 by Pres. Clinton. It authorized the United States Mint to create commemorative quarters; one for each state.

The US Mint's official page for the entire program is:

The quarters are being released about 5 every year, in the sequence that the states were admitted to the union. The complete schedule is:

It lists when each of the quarters came out, but isn't updated very often. It also tells you how many were made of each quarter. New quarters should come out about every 10 weeks.

To see the designs on each quarter and facts about the state, go to

Does this help?
[08-23-2000] Syd13 : Yes,this does help. Thanks a lot. Please e-mail me back and I'll rate your answer. Thanks again. Oh,and if you have any questions about pets give me an e-mail at I can answer anything. Thanks again.

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