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From : bushjunky
To : saintly
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[08-17-2000] bushjunky : Hey how do you make explosives out of home made devices?
[08-17-2000] saintly : Back in the '80s and early '90s this used to be considered 'Anarchist' stuff. Explosives, drugs, weapons... whatever. It was less to follow any anarchist ideals than it was fun to just blow things up... I guess now this would just be called pyromania...

So.. it is with some memories that I see the hobby is still around. Just a quick (obligatory) note before I answer your question: Lots of people have died or seriously injured themselves trying to build explosives. Even among my friends, one guy managed to severely damage his hand and lost a few fingers when he got careless with a jar of pyrotechnic supplies. Best yet is not to try anything you see here (it's just for educational purposes!), or be paranoid about taking precautions. Don't ever let anyone who's high, drunk, or on any kind of drugs anywhere near anything that they could hurt themselves with...

The files and explosives described should be considered extremely unreliable. Amateur chemists might mix very tiny quantities first to gauge it's explosive potential, have a fire extinguisher handy, and wouldn't mix anything like smoke bombs in their house!

Some large collections of general "anarchy" files (and plenty of explosive recipies that can be made fairly easily) are at:

And some interesting things to do with household chemicals:

Hope that helps. I'd say "Go nuts!", but that may not be a good idea..
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