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From : culdaff
To : saintly
User Comment : Brilliant, very helpful answers and very fast - thank you very much.
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[08-29-2000] culdaff : Hi there,
I have tables which were created with FileMaker Pro 3.0 but they have the extension .usr
I need to open them to add the information to a database connected to a web-site but I cannot get them to open. After contacting FileMaker, and at their suggestion, I tried re-naming them with .fp3 and .fp5 extensions, but neither FileMaker 5.0 nor anything else I tried would work. Would you have any suggestions and do you know what the .usr extension is?
Thanks a lot
[08-29-2000] saintly :
You contacted Filemaker and they didn't know what the .USR files were, and told you to rename them? Wow... .USR files are created by the Filemaker Pro SDK version. This is a special version of Filemaker to make standalone programs out of database files. They are *supposed* to also open within Filemaker without renaming the extension, but I've never used one.

According to most sites, you can open SDK files normally in Filemaker Pro 4.0, however I might suspect that FMP 3-SDK files don't open in FMP 4 or greater. They should open in FMP 3.0 if you can find an old copy; this is what you would have to do to convert them to .fp3 files I think. Otherwise, go to these locations:


To download FileMaker Pro 3.0 SDK Runtime. It will allow you to open and use (but not edit or make changes to the layout/fields) the .USR file you found.
[08-29-2000] culdaff : Thank you very much for your helpful answer - the first time anyone has known what the .usr files are! Unfortunately when I try to go to the windows ftp site I get a proxy error 12013 "user name not allowed" Is this a network problem here at work, or is there somewhere else I could dowmload this program from?
thanks again
[08-29-2000] saintly :
It appears to be a problem with your work network setup. Report it to your network administration department and ask them to download it for you. Your machine goes through a special server (called a Proxy server) to get access to the Net. Their proxy server is not letting you download the file.

By way of testing, I was able to download it fine.
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