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[08-24-2000] thetruth : Hi i recently bought a micro solutions backpack cd-rw.And have experienced problems reading the cd's i have just written.they have trouble playing on my home stereo and also my dvd player . but play in my car stereo .the easy cd creator website said to ask the manufacturer which cd-r works best,but when i did that lets say their website is pretty much useless.Please help.
[08-24-2000] saintly :
Are these write-once CDs, or re-writeables? Rewriteable CDs almost never work in anything but a CD-RW drive. The problem has to do with the different frequency lasers used to read the discs. There is one laser frequency used to read pressed (silver) CDs, another (very slightly different) used to read/write CD-Rs, and a totally different one used to read/write CD-RW discs. Yet another one for DVD drives.

Older CD drives aren't designed to read CD-R discs, but the frequency is so close that it doesn't matter most of the time. DVD drives often have a separate laser or system to read regular CDs. Almost nobody puts in the extra equipment to also be able to read CD-RWs.

If you're using CD-R (write-once) discs, the problem may be cheaper CDs. I've had trouble reading the CDs that I bought in bulk (like 50-packs). I've had the most reliable performance out of Sony, 3M and Maxell. TDK is not so bad either. Still, they only tend to come in 10-packs, and even those are more expensive than the 50-packs.

Music CDs and 1-session data CDs are the oldest standards and recognized on most CD players. Mixed mode (data + music) and multisession CDs confuse a lot of things. I note that you were talking about music CDs though...

Does that help? What type of discs are you using?
[08-24-2000] thetruth : i am using the sony CD-R 650mb 10 pack .Are you saying that their is nothing that i can do to be able to play my cd-r disc on my home stereo,because it is so old?
[08-24-2000] saintly :
Hmm... no. The Sony is a good brand, and their write-once CDs are very close to the quality of Silver CDs. Unless your home stereo is *very* old or has trouble playing regular CDs the fact that you can't play those music CDRs in the home stereo and DVD player is suspicious.

Try making one CD and use a slow speed to write them, 1x (or 2x). Those write the best quality and are the least prone to errors.

I'd also suspect the software you're using and the method of creating music tracks. What software do you use to write to the discs, and what is your input data? Trying to exactly copy a CD? Write .WAV or .MP3s to the CD as a music track?
[08-24-2000] thetruth : Thank you very much for you help you have been times more helpful than the manufactures website.I use the software that came with it is called adaptec easy cd creator.i am not sure what my input data is.Thanks agiain in advance
[08-24-2000] saintly : There are two version of Adaptec Easy CD Creator. One is "Pro", which sucks - all the default settings are usually wrong and it's very good for making coasters (completely ruined CDs). The other is "Deluxe" which is completely better, even though they look a little alike.

The input data is... what are you trying to put on CD? Like... you seem to be trying to make music CDs that play in your stereo. Are you just trying to put one music CD in your regular CD drive and copy it straight to a blank CD? Or are you doing something else, like trying to make a music CD from a collection of MP3s or several audio tracks from different CDs?

Your car stereo works, but what happens when you put it in your home stereo? Does it have lots of pops and hisses and garbage tracks in spots, but the whole audio track is mostly there? That may mean you need to make your copy at a lower speed. Does it stop after a certain track and nothing can be heard after that? That may mean the CD is bad, defective or scratched. Do you have one garbage track (tons of noise) as the first track, but the remaining audio tracks work okay? That's when the CD tries to make a mixed-mode CD with data as well as music on it.
[08-24-2000] thetruth : I could not find the version name but it said version 3.5 the input data is music cd's .And i am trying to make a cd from a collection of wave converted mp3.When i put in a cd it does not read it at all ,it tells me their is no cd in my player ,my home stereo is abou three years old.i copy cd's at 1x and 2x now.Thanks again in advance
[08-25-2000] thetruth : Never mind i tried it in another stereo and it worked fine.Thanks for your help though ,you have much more helpful they sent me an email saying that i could call a toll free number and they would help me for 35?And then buy the new software for 90?Thank you again
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