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From : Slappy
To : saintly
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[07-31-2000] Slappy : Hi,
My fan in my P/S sounds realy noisy. I am building a 486 computer, and i know your not supposed to service your p/s, but is there anythingg i can do to fix my noisy fan???
[07-31-2000] saintly : If you're building a 486, I'd guess the powersupply is several years old too. I would strongly caution against servicing it (some parts can retain a charge even when not plugged in), but if you must...

Try opening it and cleaning it with an air blower (or better yet an air compressor). It has probably accumulated a lot of dust. This might help a little, but noise is usually a result of a fan getting misaligned, or damage to the ball-bearings. If blowing it doesn't fix it, don't even try to disconnect and replace the fan, just replace the power supply. It may cost about $20-30.

Hope that helps.
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