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If you're a new user, the questions below may help you ease into the culture of the 'Net with less friction. People on the Internet (especially Usenet) tend to have a low tolerance for mistakes commonly made by every new user. If you have questions about the Internet, computers, or some other general topic (I like researching questions), use the link below to ask me. It's usually free, unless your question would involve too much of my time to answer (like writing programs for you, or troubleshooting something extremely complex)
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  • For a fairly comprehensive detailing of acceptable and recommended behavior on the Internet (that is, behavior that helps make the Internet a hospitable place), read the Netiquette guide.

General Internet topics for new internet users:

I had fun answering questions on ExpertCentral before the service packed it in.

For your amusement, you can view the questions I answered.