My provider doesn't provide a service I want.

As long as you have access to the Internet and the World Wide Web (which you should if you can get on the 'Net) there are many resources available.

  • Free E-Mail is available from Hotmail.
  • Free E-Mail forwarding (for people who move frequently) is available from Iname.
  • Free Web pages are available from GeoCities.
  • Free Web-page forwarding is available from Monolith.
  • Free UseNet Newsgroups are available through FeedME.

Services like FTP, Gopher and the World Wide Web are hosted by other people. If you can get on the 'Net, you can usually use them. The same goes for IRC. Usenet, EMail and Web page space (for your personal page) all have to be provided by someone. Many ISPs that provide Internet access also provide other services, often for free (to their customers).