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There isn't that much software you really need to use most major parts of the Internet. Here are some of the essentials:

E-Mail software

One of the most popular, free E-Mail programs is Eudora. It supports mail filters, plug-ins (to give it expanded capabilities), address books (so you don't have to keep track of your friends eMail addresses - just their names) and several other features. It's relatively easy to set up and use.

Available for both Macintosh and Windows.
Home Page
Download Eudora Light 3.05 for Windows
Download Eudora Light 3.13 for Macintosh

Web browsing

The great debate; Internet Explorer or Netscape? They are both free, full-featured web browsers. If you use one a lot, you will grow to like it and despise people who use the other browser. Use both to prevent cognitive dissonance! Both are available for Windows and Mac.

Download Netscape 4.05 (standalone) or
Download Internet Explorer


Windows/PC machines have to be careful of viruses (there aren't that many for the Mac since very few people want to hassle with the annoying mac functions and compatability issues). Just about the best anti-virus program available for the PC is F-Prot. It's totally free too...

F-Prot's developers
Download F-Prot 2.28b

Working with other file formats

There are many different file formats being used on the 'Net. These programs can help you use some of them. If you're wondering if you need them, you probably don't - yet. Adobe Acrobat files are used with some frequency by many companies. Quicktime is slightly less common. The others you probably won't need until you want to listen to music or send files through EMail with older eMail programs.

Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF) files (for Windows & Mac)
Apple Quicktime Viewer 3.0 (for Windows & Mac)

Other places to find useful software (for both Windows and Mac)

Tucows! One of the best-maintained collections of Internet software.
ZD-Net Has lots of software, games, utilities and more.