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Steve Zeck was born on January 27th, 1978 to Hank & Karen Zeck at the LaGrange Memorial Hospital in a quiet suburb of Chicago, IL. Never one to stay in one place for a long period of time, I left a few months later for Sri Lanka (an island south of India) where I spent about 12 years of my life. Then I was shipped off to Guam (an island south of Japan) around 1990 and stayed until 1997. I am currently living in the US in California (an entirely different planet south of Oregon).

I've gotten many requests for information on what life on Guam is like from people who are thinking about moving there. I enjoyed my stay on Guam and hope to return there in the future. A librarian named T.K. Cassidy, who has lived on Guam for over six years, has written an excellent series of articles called "So you want to come to Guam?". I tend to agree with the things she has to say. To read what she's written so far, click on Part 1 or Part 2.

I have spent some time away from lush tropical islands, however, and was last in the states in 1993-94 for one of the nastiest blizzards in the history of Chicago. (so yes, I do know what snow looks like). The last time I attended college, it was at the University of Guam while I was also working part-time at Kuentos (an Internet provider). I now work as a programmer for the University of California (Davis campus) Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. I have been ordained a "Reverend Father" by the Universal Life Church but I am also considering joining the Church of the SubGenius. I'm a Geek, and proud of it!

Steve Zeck's interests at-a-glance

Hobbies:Books, RPGs, Anime, Computers (anything), Gadgets, Some collectible card games.
Music:Classical, Enya, Yanni, Dave Matthews Band and related music, Rock & Roll, actually - pretty much everything except Country. I collect MP3s by the ton too, but no, I'm not going to put my playlist online to annoy all the spiders...
Food:Asian (preferably Indian) and Chamorro.
Favorite Newsgroup:Alt.Suicide.Holiday
Books: Mostly fantasy, sci-fi, philosophy and psychology. You can see some of my favorites if you like.

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