About Steve Zeck's Web Pages

Steve Zeck's web pages were written almost entirely in VI, a UNIX text editor. Most graphics were also created by Steve Zeck except for the following:

  • The original black textured background (Converted to a side strip)
    (artist unknown; image is public domain)
  • The original book cover used as a base for my picture on the main page
    (Original artwork and derivatives Larry Elmore)
  • The original book cover used as a base for my picture on the geek page
    (Original artwork and derivatives Larry Elmore)
  • The "Bottom 95%" logo, (artist unknown)
  • The original "Basic Instinct" movie poster, (artist unknown)

Graphics used on these pages were designed or modified with Adobe Photoshop

All local web page text content is protected by US Copyright law and related international conventions. Duplication without permission, except where covered by US fair-use standards, is a violation of the law. Graphics created by Steve Zeck and used on web pages belonging to him are in the public domain and may be copied, modified or used by anyone without the necessity of contacting the original designer.

These web pages are created by Steven Zeck, and do not claim to speak for anyone other than Steven Zeck. Nothing on my personal pages should be construed as the official opinion of my employers (The UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Computer Services Dept.), my friends, family or even myself. In fact, this universe is mostly a creation of your own mind. In "reality", I don't even exist independent of your perception of me. Likewise, these pages were all really created by you, so if you take offense to anything here it's your own fault. Think of something better.

From time to time, this page moves around... Since 1994, it has moved twice. Wherever it goes, there should be a permanent link to it on Zeck.NET.

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