Resources for RPG and M:TG players.
(Role-Playing Games and Magic: The Gathering)

RPG Setting reviews.

Aren't sure what an RPG is? Have you heard about a particular setting but want to learn more about it before you buy it? I've reviewed many different RPG settings from different publishing companies. I've presented the information about them in "consumer-report" style with summaries, ratings and in-game compatability issues.

TSR and Palladium bookstore

I've reviewed every TSR (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) and Palladium (Rifts) book I could get my hands on. These are the settings I play most frequently, and I use the books a lot. You can also order books I've reviewed directly from Amazon.Com by clicking on the links near each title.

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Integrating the World of Darkness

White Wolf games has published some truly entertaining and fun RPGs; players can take the role of Vampires, Wraiths, Werewolves, Mages or Changelings (to date). How's the concept of playing a dead character sound? Each race has their own view of the combined universe. This guide is intended to help the Storyteller (GM) put together a mixed-race group, and get an overall picture of the world as seen through the eyes of it's inhabitants.

Magic: The Gathering encyclopedia

Players of Magic: The Gathering (M:TG) notice that there are people and places that pop up frequently in the card's flavor text. This encyclopedia is a reference guide to who and what these people and places are. It's assembled from all the flavor text of cards through the Visions series (so it doesn't yet include data for the Rath cycle; Tempest and Stronghold). It also includes information from other Wizards of the Coast publications and releases.

Building a M:TG deck.

Tips and suggestions for new Magic players on how to design strong decks.

M: TG searchable card database

Query a database that includes complete card text, search on many advanced options to help you find cards to round out your deck.

Links to other M:TG resources

The MoxPerl M:TG card database (Complete card text and more...)
Wizards of the Coast (The people who publish M:TG cards.)
M:TG resources (A huge list of resources and web pages)
Cloister's card pricelist (How much each card is currently selling for)
Magic Suitcase (PC software to track your collection)
The Dojo (Deck building strategies)

The Final Fantasy VII Chocobo FAQ

Well, my FAQ at any rate. It covers everything about Chocobos from stupid tricks, to breeding the ultimate Gold chocobo. Listings of the different greens, exactly how to find the right yellow birds. Everything! (I hope).

Some tools to analyze FF8 Chocobo World IR signals

C source for a program to break down a .PDB file, a PERL script to analyze the data and an OmniRemote .PDB data file to send the right signals to a Chocobo World game, another PERL script to write any data you like to the OmniRemote file. Also includes a general FAQ on the Pocketstation, Chocobo World and CW's IR protocol.

Dragon Quest VIII Monster Arena Simulator

This web page lets you see what monsters are available at your current point in the story in DQ8, and what stats the monsters will have. You can move them to your teams & reserves to see what special powers they will have. Requires Javascript.

Animal Crossing Bugs & Fish Browser

This app lets you see what bugs and fish are available every month in the three Animal Crossing games. Additionally, when a bug or fish is new that month OR about to leave that month, it has a special note attached. Requires Javascript.

GTA3 Ultimate Starting Save (PS2 Max Drive Format)
Uncrush to a memory card and load the single save that's there into GTA3.

This save file allows you to start playing Grand Theft Auto III (for PS2) at the very beginning with a huge advantage. Most of the side-quests required for '100% completion' have already been done for you. This includes:

  • 100 of 100 hidden packages (all weapons except flamethrower at hideout)
  • Portland Industrial Import/Export garage complete (16 free cars available)
  • All 100 taxi drop-offs completed (Borgnine Taxi available)
  • 20 Vigilante missions done on each island (6 police bribes at all hideouts)
  • 20 Firefighter missions done on each island (Flamethrower at hideouts)
  • Paramedic level 12 completed (Sprint without getting tired)
  • 70+ Patients dropped off in Paramedic (Health + Adrenaline at all hideouts)
  • 20 of 20 unique jumps done
  • 20 of 20 rampages done
  • 4 of 4 RC Toyz missions completed
  • 4 of 4 Offroad/Checkpoint missions done
In addition, other side quests have been completed to the extent possible at the start of the game (some parts are impossible until you have progressed the story):
  • 15 of 16 cars delivered to Shoreside Vale Import/Export garage.

    The 'BF Injection' doesn't appear until you've completed the missions in Portland.

  • 4 of 7 cars delivered to the Portland Emergency-Vehicle Import/Export garage.

    The FBI Car doesn't appear until you reach 5 wanted stars, which is not possible at the start of the game.
    The Rhino doesn't appear until a certain story mission (or until reaching 6 wanted stars).
    The Barracks OL appears on Staunton island, but can't be transported to Portland until the story has progressed to the point where the bridge connecting the two is open.
In addition, the player starts with over $6 million in cash (which you probably won't have much use for, since nearly everything appears for free at your hideouts), 100 armor & health and a huge arsenal of all weapons. You start at your hideout in Portland, ready to begin the story missions. No cheat codes have been used, though the glitch that allows travel to other islands before they're unlocked has been exploited. All of the above counts for 53% of game completion. To get to 100%, you need to finish the last two import/export garages and complete all story missions.