How can I change the default files, see summaries, logs, rules, etc..?

ZFilter supports a range of command-line options. Here's the list and what they do. If you wonder why some of the option letters are a bit odd, I tried to keep as many of them as possible the same as the ones the old filter program used. Blame the guy who did the old filter, not me.

-A list emailAdd email address specified to list specified
-C Engage Config Mode, prompt for default settings for most
-c Clear the log file. Log files will be summarized and
condensed so that your running-totals and summaries won't
be affected.
-D list emailRemove email address specified from the list specified
-f filenameUse the specified rules file.
-F filenameUse the specified defaults file.
-i Ignore "reply-to" field of the message, and use the
address the message came from for the "canned" command.
-I Ignore the next argument. You can have as many of these
as you like.
-l Actions-only (don't log the sender and subject)
-L directoryUse the specified directory to store logs
-n Not-really, display the logs to the screen and take no
-o filenameredirect where verbose messages are printed to.
-p filename Use the specified file to hold the permanent variables
(normally ".zfprmnt" in your home directory)
-P listDisplay all the eMail addresses in the list specified
-q "Quiet" mode. Don't print to the logs.
-r View the rules file
-s Display a summary of actions taken and who mail came from.
-S View the log file.
-t filenameUse the specified file for temporary information
-u Usage. Display a summary of command-line arguments
-U userExperimental, try to run as the user given. Can be UID or login.
-v Verbose- print logs to the screen or specified place.
change where messages are printed to with -o. Logging
to the log file is unchanged.
-V Print the version and release date of your copy of ZFilter
-W addressDisplay all lists that contain the address specified
-x Completely reset the summary data
-X Completely reset _everything_, including all permanent

-? -H -h /? All print usage help. Like -u

NOTE: When the description mentions the 'specified file', place the file name after the option like this:

zfilter -p .myzfprmnt -F .myzfdflt

to set the "permanent" file to ".myzfprmnt" and the "defaults" file to ".myzfdflt".

ZFilter ignores any arguments it doesn't understand.

If you use arguments that don't require additional info, like -x or -V (but not -W, which requires an address) you can specify them all with a single dash, like this: "zfilter -xXV"

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