TASK: I would like to acknowledge all e-mail received with a form letter. I would also like all mail coming from harry@somewhere.outhere.com to be saved to a folder called "harry". The form letter is saved as a file called "ack".

The rules file would look like this:

canned ack
if ( sender ? "harry@somewhere.outhere.com" ) save Mail/harry

Or alternately (for the picky)

if (always) canned ack
if ( sender ? "harry@somewhere.outhere.com" ) save Mail/harry

Or for people using the alternate form ( *sigh* )

if always then canned ack
if sender ? "harry@somewhere.outhere.com" then save Mail/harry

TASK: I would like all incoming mail backed-up to a file called "received" I want all mail that mentions the phrase "I need help" in the text of the message to be mailed the file "help-response". If the subject of the letter contains the word "meeting", send the canned response file "vacation" and delete the letter.

Here is the rules file:

savecopy Mail/received
if ( content ? "I need help" ) canned help-response
if ( subject ? "meeting" ) canned vacation; delete

NOTE: Mail containing the word "meeting" in the subject line AND the phrase "I need help" in the content of the message, it would generate the response file "help-response", AND get the canned message "vacation" (that's two messages) and be deleted.

TASK: I am currently being mail-bombed by someone who keeps flooding my incoming mailbox with the same message, over and over. I would like to have messages saved only if they contain unique content. I would also like to delete messages if they have no actual content.

Here is the rules file:

if( ! unique | empty ) delete

NOTE: this only works for the inbox, since the "unique" variable is a shortcut. See the "unique" command for information about saving the message to a folder if it is unique.

TASK: I would like to delete chain letters before I see them
Here is the rules file:

if( chain ) delete

Easy, huh?

TASK: I have moved to another e-mail address. I was previously loser@aol.com and now I'm I_have_a_life_now@somewhere.else . I would like all mail at loser@aol.com to be forwarded to my new address, and anyone sending mail to loser@... should get a response that I've moved.

(assuming AOL would let you get a shell account.. :) )

Here is the rules file for loser@aol.com

forward I_have_a_life_now@somewhere.else; canned Ive_moved

One line! Easy, huh? Just make sure the file "Ive_moved" exists.

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