Photographs of Chicago

Here are some photographs from my recent trip to the Chicago Art Institute and the Sears Tower. Click on the thumbnail miniatures to see the full-size photo. Art museum photographs are all around 50k in size. Shots from the Sears Tower are around 110k.

Chicago Art Museum

American Gothic. Perhaps the most famous of the exhibits housed at the Art Institute of Chicago. The range of possible emotions captured on the two people's faces have fascinated many people
This painting is simply titled "Blue and Green Wave". I thought it looked interesting...
One of Picasso's paintings; this is the "Guitarist." As with all of Pablo Picasso's paintings, this is rather Expressionist - trying to capture a range of emotions and feelings in the picture, at the expense of realism.
This painting is the "Skyscraper". What you see is not lens flare from my camera, but part of the painting.

Pictures from the Sears Tower SkyDeck (103rd floor)

Here is a shot of where I work (Chapman & Cutler) taken from the east window of the Sears Tower skydeck. My office is labeled, along with two of the streets nearby.
This is the Eisenhower expressway entering into the city. The white round dome is the United Center, where the Bulls play basketball. This shot is taken from the west window.
Here is the Eisenhower expressway entering the city (where it becomes Congress Parkway). You can see it passing underneath the Chicago Stock Exchange on the right. It passes directly under the exercise room where the traders work out. This shot is taken from the south window.
The John Hancock building, Chicago's other famous skyscraper, is the black building on the right with the two antennae. Taken from the north window.
The NW view from the Sears Tower. You can see the Chicago River split. A little to the north of where the river splits, you can see the Merchandise mart. It's the castle-looking building with the green-roof towers.
The East view from the Sears Tower. You can see Lake Michigan and Navy Pier (the white thing) as well as many small boats.
Soldier Field (where the Bears play football) is the yellow-and-blue thing. You can also see Meigs field (a small airport for private aircraft).